Introducing a Balanced SpinneyLife

SpinneyLife is a refreshed version of the lifestyle and wellness program exclusively provided at Spinney ”55 and better” active adult communities.

Designed to help Spinney residents embrace their life to the fullest and modeled after the International Council of Active Aging (ICAA)’s Dimension of Wellness program, the SpinneyLife wellness program is tailored to support and engage our residents in meaningful and impactful ways to live their best life.



Encourage and promote community building and involvement in our neighborhoods and community at large.

Programs and events in this category may include: volunteer op-portunities, charitable giving experiences, career exploration (a new career, part-time work, gig-work, mentoring opportunities, etc.), and spiritual engagement. Our volunteer and charitable giving programs, spiritual programs and opportunities, and a maintenance-free life-style make it easy for residents to seek out meaningful ways to remain connected and involved in their community.


Surrounding oneself in nature through experiences and opportunities.

Programs in this category could include forest bathing, group hikes, and seeking out ways to engage in the natu-ral environment such as gardening, meditation and more. Make a conscious effort to choose “green” and environ-mentally-friendly resources and processes that support re-use and recycling. Our Spinney community amenities includ-ing walking trails, community gardens, community pools and make it easy for our residents to benefit from this dimension.


SpinneyLife programming encourages residents to engage in creative and intellectually stimulating experiences.

There are many ways to stay intellectually active in a Spinney com-munity, including continuing education coWurses, music lessons, learning a new hobby or skill, craft and handiwork programs, our author visit program, and challenging oneself with games, puzzles, and more. SpinneyLife also provides programs and resources to support resident’s financial, legal, and safety awareness.


The SpinneyLife lifestyle and wellness program weaves a social component into much of the monthly event calendar.

Engaging in social interactions with neighbors, friends, and family are valuable to one’s health and well-being. Through SpinneyLife programming residents can interact with others in so many ways, including: joining community groups and clubs, attending social events at The Clubhouse, partaking in group trips and experiences, sharing personal histories, and meeting new friends and neighbors in the Spinney community.


Supporting our residents’ wellness is at the core of the SpinneyLife program.

Through physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and health-related programming, residents in a Spinney community have support and encouragement through the programs and events to make lifestyle choices that can maintain and improve one’s health and wellness. Group fitness classes, personal fitness challenges, mind-ful exercise, stress management, healthy cooking and nutrition pro-grams, health clinics, community pools and fitness, and walking paths are some of the many opportunities Spinney residents can enjoy right in the comfort of their neighborhood.

Welcome home to wellness

The Spinney at Pond View’s Clubhouse is a 5,000 square foot multi-use space featuring a Great Room with a full-sized kitchen and fireplace, a Media Room with a big screen TV and billiards table, a commercial-sized washer dryer, a full service gym, and a spacious outdoor patio which will host summer gatherings and concerts. Numerous activities are already taking place in the Clubhouse such as Zumba Gold classes, yoga, neighborhood potlucks, knitting club meetings, game nights, paint and sip get togethers and so much more! Further outdoor activities are enjoyed by residents with our lap and wading pools and Community Garden!

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